Writing about sharing family responsibilities lds

Families can help accomplish this mission as they: Provide for their own spiritual and physical needs and help meet the needs of others. Share the gospel with others. See that family members receive temple ordinances and help provide these blessings for their ancestors who have died.

Writing about sharing family responsibilities lds

Responsibilities of the Parents What responsibilities do husbands and wives share in raising their children? Each person has an important place in his or her family.

Through prophets the Lord has explained how fathers, mothers, and children should behave and feel toward one another. As husbands, wives, and children, we need to learn what the Lord expects us to do to fulfill our purpose as a family.

writing about sharing family responsibilities lds

If we all do our part, we will be united eternally. As with chapter 36, be sensitive to the feelings of those who do not have ideal situations at home. Emphasize that with guidance from the Lord and help from family members and the Church, single parents can successfully raise their children.

They should work together to provide for the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of the family. Some responsibilities must be shared by the husband and the wife. Parents should teach their children the gospel.

The Lord warned that if parents do not teach their children about faith, repentance, baptismand the gift of the Holy Ghostthe sin will be upon the heads of the parents. One of the best ways parents can teach their children is by example.

Husbands and wives should show love and respect for each other and for their children by both actions and words. It is important to remember that each member of the family is a child of God. Parents should treat their children with love and respect, being firm but kind to them.

Parents should understand that sometimes children will make wrong choices even after they have been taught the truth. When this happens, parents should not give up. They should continue to teach their children, to express love for them, to be good examples to them, and to fast and pray for them.

The Book of Mormon tells us how the prayers of a father helped a rebellious son return to the ways of the Lord. Alma the Younger had fallen away from the teachings of his righteous father, Alma, and had gone about seeking to destroy the Church.

The father prayed with faith for his son. Alma the Younger was visited by an angel and repented of his evil way of living. He became a great leader of the Church. Parents can provide an atmosphere of reverence and respect in the home if they teach and guide their children with love.

Parents should also provide happy experiences for their children. How can husbands and wives support each other in their roles? Where can single parents turn for support? Responsibilities of the Father What positive examples have you seen of fathers raising their children?But the pressures of caregiving may also bring back old family conflicts or create new ones.

These conflicts can make it difficult for family members to work together. Sharing Responsibilities | ph-vs.com When it comes to family structure and the benefits of equally sharing work and family responsibility between the sexes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating It’s official; partners who share responsibility at work and home are happier, and more successful.

A study launched in the s by. You can write a family song, build something together, do a craft, or bake a treat.


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they never start. But sharing memories of your life does not have to be a big, involved effort.

writing about sharing family responsibilities lds

Imagine for a moment, how much easier the task of writing about your. Oct 08,  · Unofficial and unauthoritative opinion on LDS, Latter-Day Saint, or Mormon Doctrine concerning the Nature of God, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the Plan of Salvation, the Apostasy and Restoration, and Priesthood Authority.

Discussion: What is the purpose of a family? Responsibilities of the Parents. The father is the. Little LDS Ideas is my space to share my ideas and creations. Back in I was serving as the second counselor in Primary. Among other things, one of my responsibilities was coming up with Quarterly Activities for the Primary children.

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