Two track mind

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Two track mind

Fortunately, there are a few data on what happens when we make absolute judgments of stimuli that differ from one another in several ways. Let us look first at the results Klemmer and Frick [13] have reported for the absolute judgment of the position of a dot in a square.

Now the channel capacity seems to have increased to 4. Data from Klemmer and Frick [13] on the channel capacity for absolute judgments of the position of a dot in a square.

The position of a dot in a square is clearly a two-dimensional proposition. Both its horizontal and its vertical position must be identified.

Thus it seems natural to compare the 4. The point in the square requires two judgments of the interval type. If we have a capacity of 3.

Two track mind

Adding the second independent dimension gives us an increase from 3. When they asked people to identify both the saltiness and the sweetness of solutions containing various concentrations of salt and sucrose, they found that the channel capacity was 2.

Since the capacity for salt alone was 1.

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Two track mind with spatial locations, the second dimension adds a little to the capacity but not as much as it conceivably might. A third example is provided by Pollack [18]who asked listeners to judge both the loudness and the pitch of pure tones.

Since pitch gives 2. A fourth example can be drawn from the work of Halsey and Chapanis [9] on confusions among colors of equal luminance. Although they did not analyze their results in informational terms, they estimate that there are about 11 to 15 identifiable colors, or, in our terms, about 3.

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Since these colors varied in both hue and saturation, it is probably correct to regard this as a two-dimensional judgment. If we compare this with Eriksen's 3. It is still a long way, however, from these two-dimensional examples to the multidimensional stimuli provided by faces, words, etc.

To fill this gap we have only one experiment, an auditory study done by Pollack and Ficks [19]. They managed to get six different acoustic variables that they could change: Each one of these six variables could assume any one of five different values, so altogether there were 56, or 15, different tones that they could present.

The listeners made a separate rating for each one of these six dimensions. Under these conditions the transmitted information was 7. Now we are beginning to get up into the range that ordinary experience would lead us to expect.

Suppose that we plot these data, fragmentary as they are, and make a guess about how the channel capacity changes with the dimensionality of the stimuli.

The result is given in Fig. In a moment of considerable daring I sketched the dotted line to indicate roughly the trend that the data seemed to be taking. The general form of the relation between channel capacity and the number of independently variable attributes of the stimuli.

Clearly, the addition of independently variable attributes to the stimulus increases the channel capacity, but at a decreasing rate. It is interesting to note that the channel capacity is increased even when the several variables are not independent.

Eriksen [5] reports that, when size, brightness, and hue all vary together in perfect correlation, the transmitted information is 4.Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

Two track mind

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Psychology Ninth Edition by David Myers Chapter 3: Consciousness and the Two-Track Mind Vocabulary.

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