The drover

And well his stock-horse bears him, And light of heart is he, And stoutly his old pack-horse Is trotting by his knee. Up Queensland way with cattle He travelled regions vast; And many months have vanished Since home-folk saw him last. He hums a song of someone He hopes to marry soon; And hobble-chains and camp-ware Keep jingling to the tune.

The drover

Towed by the iconic Land Rover Defender, the trailer is fitted with a stainless steel BBQ which pulls out on a drawer for immediate use. The charcoal BBQ can be replaced by an electric or gas grill for use indoors.

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The bush kitchen also consists of refrigerated salad bar, Victorian baked potato oven and fridges to make sure that all food remains hygienically controlled. The other side of the trailer opens out into a bar with refrigeration where your guests can be served cold beers, juices and wines. Droving was a long and difficult practice; the drovers used to ride long distances throughout Australian bush and under extreme conditions in order to move livestock from one station to another.

The journey could take up to two years and the men needed to be highly independent, strong and excellent horsemen. Droving now belongs to old Australian history as the introduction of railways and road trains made the traditional droving unnecessary.

Today, this immortalized character of Australian folk history is back and on a mission:I ate here for breakfast along with the family.

The atmosphere is definitely country kitchen, small and homey with some small store items lining the walls and shelves. A Drover by Padraic Meath of the pastures From wet hills by the sea Through Leitrim and Longford Go my cattle and me.

I hear in the darkness Their slipping and.

The drover

Page. Find out what's popular at The Drover in real-time and see activity, reviews and ratings! Recent Examples on the Web. Drovers from as far away as Ohio mingled with the local butchers waiting their turn at the public slaughterhouse nearby.

— Emily S. Rueb, New York Times, "Awakening the Bowery’s Ghosts," 12 Feb. Established in the s to collect tolls for cattle drovers moving across the borders of pre-federation Australia, Birdsville was once a thriving frontier town.

Drover is the name of one of the main characters of Australia, portrayed by Hugh the movie, his true name is unknown, and he just refered to as Drover. He used to be married to an Aboriginal woman, but she fell ill.

Since Henry Lawson wrote his story 'The Drover’s Wife' in , Australian writers, painters, performers and photographers have created a wonderful tradition of drover's wife works, stories and images.

The Russell Drysdale painting from extended the mythology and it, too, has become an Australian icon.

The Drover's Wife by Frank Moorhouse - Penguin Books Australia