Customer analysis of mang inasal

Analyzing and planning restaurant sales levels and profitability. Implementing marketing activities, such as promotional events and discount schemes. Creating and executing plans for department sales, profit and staff development. Evaluate staff work output.

Customer analysis of mang inasal

PFA Food Franchising has been increasing since according to the table provided below. Number of Franchises, Food and Non-food, — YearFoodNon-foodTOTAL There are a lot of Franchise Businesses that one could enter into. There are foreign businesses and as well as homegrown ones.

They cater to a wide market such as the working class and young professionals who are always on the go, families, students and many more individuals who want to take pleasure in Filipino food. Different people with varying ages eat at Binalot. The concept of Binalot brings its customers back to the way our ancestors ate their food which is laid down in banana leaves and soup is poured in palayok.

The menu consists of favorite Pinoy foods from breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner such as Adobo, Tapa, Sinigang, Bistek, Banana que, Leche flan and many more.

Meal prices range from as low as 40 pesos to pesos and snacks costs as low as 10 pesos. The food is truly affordable and every Filipino consumer could have a taste of our own cuisine without costing them too much. The branches are located in urban or metropolitan areas where people from all walks of life could come and dine in.

Binalot branches are very accessible. The management sees to it that the Binalot sites are in busy places. The customers enjoy the Festive ambiance of its branches with 94 employees all in all.

These employees attend to the needs of their customers with a smile on their faces. Why your company is superior?

This will help the franchisee in managing the business while maintaining their regular day jobs. The packaging also is very unique and it is the only fast food chain who utilizes banana leaves. It embraces the Filipino tradition which could be seen in their food, store and even packaging.

No wonder this company is fast growing and many more people are interested in franchising binalot. All of these restaurants have the same target market which is the average Filipino.

Since Pinoys are very economical and values their money the trend in most restaurants is to provide a set of meals which are very affordable but the serving is quite little. In Binalot they have the promo Adobonanza with prices of 40 pesos for the Tipidobo and 60 pesos for both Longgadobo and Tocidobo.

They also have the same concept of serving favorite Filipino food to the consumers. They are different in terms of how they serve the food.

In Binalot they adapt the DAHON program which provides unlimited supply of banana leaves which is the main packaging material. Binalot also has a strong relationship with its suppliers and franchisees.

Opportunities More future franchisees because of the new company supervision scheme -More recognitions and awards for involvement to more CSR projects -Bigger market for future expansion plans to different parts of the Philippines Threats -Other competitors such as Mang Inasal, Reyes Barbecue and Goto King.

Binalot advertises through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Promos and new meals are posted in these websites. They also do the following: The management plans to put up additional stores and attract more franchisees. Packaging — The Company already received many awards for using banana leaves as meal wrappers.

The DAHON program was made to help poor families living near the area where the banana trees grow by buying it at a reasonable price. Unique meal names — Menus does not have to be boring. Franchising system — Binalot Fiesta Foods made it easier for the interested people to know more about the company through their website.مشاهدة ملف Juan Fidel Cruz, RCh, CHS الشخصي الكامل انه مجاني زملاء العمل والدراسة و مليون محترف أعضاء على LinkedIn.

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SUCCESS OF MANG INASAL: EXPLORATORY CASEA Thesis Presented to the Faculty of Graduate School DELA SALLE ARANETA UNIVERSITY Vict. SWOT Analysis of Mang Inasal Strength Fast growing company with currently branches and 10, employees Well oriented and train crews that will serve the customer very well Brand image is visible that the customer will know what mang inasal offers to the market Credible managers that will help the employees to be mold into better one and.

Mang Inasal truly gives customer’s satisfaction by giving a Philippine restaurant experience by serving rice wrapped in banana leaves, barbeque in bamboo sticks and other Filipinos delicacies. If you are success-driven entrepreneur and have financial capability to franchising and willing to strictly follow the standard operation system of.

customer satisfaction of Mang Inasal in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

Customer analysis of mang inasal

Specifically, the research aimed to answer the following: 1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents according to: a. Gender; b. Age; and. c. Employment Status? 2. What is the level of satisfaction of Mang Inasal customers in Sto.

Tomas, Batangas in terms of: a. Food Quality; b. As we aspire to make Mang Inasal a globally competitive company that gives pride and inspiration to every Filipino, with everyone‟s cooperation we will surpass the challenges that come our way and even conquer themwith flying colors!

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