An argument against the violation of human rights

Share via Email Judges congregated in Westminster Abbey. They established the United Nations and agreed a simple set of universal standards of decency for mankind to cling to: These standards were intended to protect the individual from the state, to uphold the rights of minorities and to provide support for the vulnerable. The idea was simple; these standards would first be enshrined in regional treaties such as the European Convention on Human Rights ECHR and then be given legal effect in every country.

An argument against the violation of human rights

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Human rights organizations have documented government-approved executionsacts of torture and rape for decades since Saddam Hussein came to power in until his fall in Ina resolution sponsored by the European Union was adopted by the Commission for Human Rights, which stated that there had been no improvement in the human rights crisis in Iraq.

The statement condemned President Saddam Hussein's government for its "systematic, widespread and extremely grave violations of human rights and international humanitarian law " and called on Iraq to cease "summary and arbitrary executions Iraqi citizens were not legally allowed to assemble unless it was to express support for the government.

The Iraqi government controlled the establishment of political partiesregulated their internal affairs and monitored their activities. Police checkpoints on Iraq's roads and highways prevented ordinary citizens from traveling across country without government permission and expensive exit visas prevented Iraqi citizens from traveling abroad.

Before traveling, an Iraqi citizen had to post collateral. Iraqi females could not travel outside of the country without the escort of a male relative.

An argument against the violation of human rights

The persecution campaigns led to the expulsion, flight and effective exile of the Feyli Kurds from their ancestral lands in Iraq. The persecution began when a large number of Feyli Kurds were exposed to a big campaign by the regime that began by the dissolved RCCR issuance for decision, which deprived Feyli Kurds of Iraqi nationality and considered them as Iranians.

The systematic executions started in Baghdad and Khanaqin in and later spread to other Iraqi and Kurdish areas. The Halabja poison gas attack occurred in the period 15—19 March during the Iran—Iraq War when chemical weapons were used by the Iraqi government forces and thousands of civilians in the Iraqi Kurdish town of Halabja were killed.

Inthe Hussein regime began a campaign of extermination against the Kurdish people living in Northern Iraq. This is known as the Anfal campaign. A team of Human Rights Watch investigators determined, after analyzing eighteen tons of captured Iraqi documents, testing soil samples and carrying out interviews with more than witnessesthat the attacks on the Kurdish people were characterized by gross violations of human rights, including mass executions and disappearances of many tens of thousands of noncombatants, widespread use of chemical weapons including Sarinmustard gas and nerve agents that killed thousands, the arbitrary imprisoning of tens of thousands of women, children, and elderly people for months in conditions of extreme deprivationforced displacement of hundreds of thousands of villagers after the demolition of their homes, and the wholesale destruction of nearly two thousand villages along with their schools, mosquesfarms and power stations.

His forces committed full-scale massacres and other gross human rights violations against both groups similar to the violations mentioned before.

On March 23,during the invasion of IraqIraqi television presented and interviewed prisoners of war on TVviolating the Geneva Convention. Also in AprilCNN revealed that it had withheld information about Iraq torturing journalists and Iraqi citizens in the s.

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According to CNN's chief news executive, the channel had been concerned for the safety not only of its own staff, but also of Iraqi sources and informants, who could expect punishment for speaking freely to reporters. Also according to the executive, "other news organizations were in the same bind.

Also after the invasion, numerous torture centers were found in security offices and police stations throughout Iraq. The equipment found at these centers typically included hooks for hanging people by the hands for beatingsdevices for electric shock and other equipment often found in nations with harsh security services and other authoritarian nations.

An argument against the violation of human rights

Nathansonlater adapted as a film directed by Robert Aldrich and used by US officials to describe this group. The list was used by the Bush Administration to help argue that the Iraq war was against Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party leadership, rather than against the Iraqi people.

Qusay Hussein —son of the president, head of the elite Republican Guardbelieved to have been chosen by Saddam as his successor. Uday Hussein —son of the president, had a private torture chamber, and was responsible for the rapes and killings of many women.

He was partially paralyzed after a attempt on his life, and was leader of the paramilitary group Fedayeen Saddam and of the Iraqi media.

He oversaw the mass killings of a Shi'a revolt in Tariq Aziz —Foreign Minister of Iraq, backed up the executions by hanging of political opponents after the revolution of Barzan Ibrahim al-TikritiHussein's brother, leader of the Iraqi secret service, Mukhabarat.

He was Iraq's representative to the United Nations in Geneva. Sabawi Ibrahim al-TikritiHussein's half brother, he was the leader of the Mukhabarat during the Gulf War. Director of Iraq's general security from to He was involved in the suppression of Kurds.Find information on stopping torture and slavery by the United for Human Rights humanitarian group.

Learn more about abuses and violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, such as the use of torture and slavery, including sadistic humiliation, cruel interrogations and punishments, in Asia and Africa.


despite its violation of. The UN Human Rights Committee, the Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, and the Committee against Torture, have also called removal of penalties for abortion and for measures to. Law | Rules of Practice | General Regulations. New York State Human Rights Law.

Printable Version § Purposes of article § Equality of opportunity a civil right § Definitions. You are correct. I am using a reworded form of the SLED test. I was trained by Scott Klusendorf 13 years ago and I generally recommend his material. Scott is a theist but he nevertheless can make a strong secular case against abortion that has served as fuel to my own.

Zoo advocates argue that they save endangered species and educate the public, but many animal rights activists believe the costs outweigh the benefits, and the violation of the rights . Iraq's era under President Saddam Hussein was notorious for its severe violations of human rights.

Secret police, state terrorism, torture, mass murder, rape, deportations, forced disappearances, assassinations, chemical warfare, and the destruction of southern Iraq's marshes were some of the methods the country's Ba'athist government used to maintain control.

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