A survey of a visit to the metropolitan museum of art

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A survey of a visit to the metropolitan museum of art

Adam Kantor Marc J.

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Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. This exhibit in particular has entered the cultural zeitgeist in an exciting way. His voice is unique. He was so receptive to art and music.

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He was just a natural. Flip through photos of Adam Kantor in our "Summer in the City" series below: For me that includes cultural expansion and getting to museums. Franklin Kantor is joined by his grandmother, Lucille, who introduced him to the museum and the culture that New York has to offer.

Growing up, Grandma would take me to see Broadway shows and take me to museums and really opened my eyes to the world. I grew up outside of the city and this was always a place to come to. It almost feels like a home away from home. The Temple of Dendur is my favorite room in New York.


There is nothing like it in the world. Franklin Adam Kantor Marc J. Franklin Watching the way Kantor immerses himself in the museum, it is easy to see how he has made his mark on Broadway, losing himself in each of his characters.

Lucille explains seeing the artistic inclination he had growing up. Franklin While summer on Broadway may bring an influx of new audiences and a kinetic energy, Kantor is able to find a meditative space within his show nightly. And that is a wonderful thing for a job to instill.

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A survey of a visit to the metropolitan museum of art

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. NHM has amassed one of the world's most extensive and valuable collections of natural and cultural history - . The MET or Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most emblematic museums in the city of New York museums.

It is one of the world's largest Museum of art along with the British Museum in London, both for its size, the number of visitors, number of artworks such as the quality of these.

How to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Masterpiece Paintings Catalog; a monumental book celebrating the greatest and most iconic paintings in The Met collection/5(27). About the Metropolitan Museum of Art The contents of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's permanent collection represent a diversity of age, medium and geographic origin.

The Egyptian Art collection includes pieces from , B.C. – 4th century A.D.

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